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Picture 3 - CD-Label


Picture 3 - CD-Label


Picture 3 - CD-Label


Picture 3 - CD-Label


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All Picture from Roger Reist, Bern

Press: Media

  • Thu, October 14, 2011 The Atomic Angels are one of the 3 DRS3 Favorits. This means that the AA are already qualified for the election Show on December 10th 2011. Thanks DRS3.

  • Thu, July 5, 2011The Atomic Angels at glanz & gloria, Swiss National TV

  • Thu, May 14, 2011Radio Rottu Oberwallis put "Here and Now" on the Playlist. Many Thx

  • Thu, May 03, 2011DRS 3 put "Here and Now" on the Playlist. Many Thx

  • Sun, December 05, 2010The Atomic Angels won the small Prix Walo Award 2010. The 3 AA could impress the jury with the Song "Saviour" (was 2 month on DRS3), the Song "Stop Calling" (VideoClip on VIVA) and the live performance at the Prix Walo. Presstext (German)

    Energy Bern
    Martina, Francesca, Michelle
  • Wed, November 17, 2010The Atomic Angels congratulate EDITA ABDIESKI for winning the X-Factor show. Edita was for many years the Performance Coach of the Atomic-Angels.

    Energy Bern
    Picture: Bern 2006
  • Wed, November 03, 2010Radio Energie Bern played our new Song "Stop Calling", check the nice Picture from us in the Studio
    Energy Bern
  • Fry,October 29, 2010Atomic Angels in 20min Friday
    20Min Friday (Online)

  • Thu, September 28, 2010Atomic Angels at the Newspaper BernerBär (PDF)
    BernerBär (Online)

  • Fri, September 24, 2010The new Song "Stop Calling" is available on iTunes

  • Thu, September 23, 2010Atomic Angels at Blick am Abend

  • Sat, July 24, 2010DRS 3 played "SAVIOUR" more then 25 times. Thx
  • Fri, Juli 02, 2010Atomic-Angels at Blick am Abend
  • Fri, June 18, 20103:16 PM - DRS 3 played "SAVIOUR" the first time. Thx
  • THU, June 16, 2010

    Tele Bärn

    Atomic-Angels on TeleBärn

  • Sun, June 13, 2010Atomic-Angels at
  • THU, June 08, 2010"SAVIOUR" on
  • SAT, June 05, 2010"SAVIOUR" available on iTunes and at the Atomic-Angels OnlineStore
    "SAVIOUR" on iTunes
    Download "SAVIOUR" to your iPod, iPhone or iPad

  • SAT, June 05, 2010Mini Concert in Bern

    The Mini Concert will be at the Waisenhausplatz in Bern. We will do three times a 30 Minutes Concert starting 1PM.
  • FRI, June 4, 2010Atomic-Angels on Radio Energie

    Hear the Atomic-Angels on Radio Energy between 10AM and 12AM; song is being broadcast for the first time on Radio Energy Bern.

  • THU, June 03, 2010Atomic-Angels at "Blick am Abend"

    Click her for PDF Version

Press: Promo Sheet

Atomic-Angels - The young POP Group from Bern, Switzerland. Since 2003

The Atomic Angels are a young Pop Group from Bern, Switzerland. Michelle, Martina and Francesca have been performing since they were eight years old at various events and singing contests. At ten years of age, they have been supporting an adult band on a CD Production. In 2009, the three Angels participated at the Swiss Prix Walo Contest which is for young talented artists in Switzerland. In that same year, they also attended a large Contest in Germany and had an interview on the Germany TV Sender RTL. In spring 2010 the Atomic Angels recorded their first single entitled SAVIOUR. During summer 2010 the song SAVIOUR was to listen on DRS3.  Now the new Song STOP CALLING is finish. With the new Song the Band also did a Music Video Clip. End of 2010 the Atomic-Angels got the award "kleine Prix Walo" of the Swiss music scene for the Newcomer Band in Switzerland. In Spring the Atomic Angels released the new Song HERE AND KNOW
The Song got play during the summer on different Radio Stations. In September 2011 the Song and the Video Clip for the Eurovison Song Contest 2012 got released. The name is BLACK SYMPHONY.





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